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Benefits of Cane Juice

Sugarcane juice is known as high energy drink, with essential nutrients which benefit the general health in several ways

Awesome Taste

Refreshing, sweet & in numerous flavours, its a wonderful substitute for any aerated drink.

Instant Energy Shot

High amounts of carbohydrates aids in refreshing and energizing the body immediately.

Disease Fighter

Fights flu, constipation, sore throats,prostrate and breast cancers.

Repairs Body

Strengthens Liver, Kidneys,aids Digestion and Metabolism.

Anti Oxidant

Antioxidant property of sugar cane juice makes the skin soft, fair, supple and healthy

CaneXpress Promise

Enjoy only the Best Cane Juice extracted from the finest SugarCane at CaneXpress outlets.

Our Juice Bars

We are currently spread over Hyderabad

We are soon launching in other Cities.

Dr. AS Rao Nagar



Defence Colony

Our Menu

We not only serve the best cane juice in the town;

We also have a range of fresh fruit juices, milk shakes and sandwiches.

About Us

CaneXpress, a part of Triumph Foods Pvt Ltd, is Hyderabad's preferred destination for Sugar Cane Juices. We believe in providing this experience in a hygienic, healthy and affordable manner. 
Our sugar cane juice is prepared from the finest variety of sugarcane, procured from the best growing fertile farm lands in proximity to the city of Hyderabad (and directly from farmers) thereby retaining its fresh native taste. We aim at exceeding quality standards by providing the highest quality product at the lowest possible price. We also have a well planned logistic network that helps in the procurement and distribution of the processed cane from our centralised warehouse facility (at Miyapur) to our Juice Bars in Hyderabad. A well designed state of art machinery helps in processing of the juice in an hygienic manner that makes it palatable and pleasing to consume, thereby enriching the experience of sipping sugarcane juice.
CaneXpress strongly believes in making people aware of the immense health benefits associated with its product. We aspire to serve our customers through our well designed, hygienically maintained, customer friendly Juice Bars. We value our relationships with our customers and hope to communicate our appreciation to them through our outstanding, guaranteed product quality, personal service, and efficient delivery on an ongoing basis. 
Our "Ab Bindaas Piyo" statement (meaning - now you can drink without any worry) - stems from our belief that you, as our customer, can now relish Sugar Cane Juice without any worry of unhygienic preparation or contamination. 
Please come, visit us and have a great Juice Experience.

Our Vision

“We aspire to be the largest experience provider of fresh, hygienically prepared and affordable juices and food to our customers. We want our products, relationships and services to enrich lives through healthy living.”

Our Values

-- Commitment to Quality & Customer Satisfaction.
-- Provide an excellent “Juice Experience”.
-- Focus on our all round development of our people.
-- Be a friend to the farmers without whom we wouldnt be there.
-- Be eco-friendly which reflects in our outlets and products.
-- Empower women(which comprise 80% of our work force)
-- Commit to give back to society through focused CSR and other activities.

Contact Us


For suggestions, queries and other enquiries contact us at:

Tirumph Foods Pvt Ltd
Plot #52, Phase 2
Bhagyanagar Society
Kukatpally, Hyderabad
Pin -500072

Tele: (+91) 9391490048
Fax: (+91) 4066883574


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